Monday 30 August 2010

Joe Barry delivers verdict on forestry cuts

Appearing in the farming indo last week (24th Aug), Joe Barry, seasoned journalist and forestry expert has shed light on the forestry plans and budget of the Dept of Agriculture.
According to Joe, the forestry budget drops from €104m this year to €84m for the next five years.
This means there is little chance of achieving afforestation targets of 10,000 ha/year.
While I am unsure how some of the more colourful ideas (getting rid of the senate) would solve the defecit in our national forestry budget, the message is loud and clear:
"Growing our own timber is the perfect, sustainable, renewable means of producing the raw materials for construction and fuel.... Forestry is delivering an excellent return to the exchequer."
Public support for afforestation and maintenance of forests must be maintainted.
Read Joe's article here

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